Photobooks to UW Special Collections

The first of several planned donations to the University of Washinton Library's Special Collections. 

Pictures from the Real World David Moore
Minutes to Midnight Trent Parke
The Fourth Wall Max Pinckers
Will They Sing Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty Max Pinckers
The Present Paul Graham
Denver Robert Adams
The Book of 101 Books Andrew Roth
Alpine Star Ron Jude
A Gregory Halpern
The Mushroom Collector Jason Fulford
Tom Doug Rickard
Botanica Tom Baril
House of Coates    Brad Zellar and Lester B Morrison
For Now William Eggleston
Looking for Love Alec Soth
Frontcountry Lucas Folgia
Elementary Calculus J Carrier
Disco Night Sept 11 Peter Van Agtmael
Wild Pigeon Carolyn Drake